Have you ever dated a sociopath? What was the experience like?

Stories are welcome.
Or a person who you suspect was/is a sociopath.


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  • Been with a sociopath girlfriend. She hated me and pursued me; she hated me and wanted to get pregnant; she hated me and was the most uninhibited at sex; she was phenomenal. She was incapable of a relationship beyond sex. That’s about it

    • Was that a positive or negative experience for you?

    • Since you said she was “phenomenal” it made me think you added some positivity to it

    • Negative in the sense when she turned on me she was by far the most evil of breakups.

      Phenomenal referring only to the sex. She had little to no feelings so the sex was full throttle and just completely uninhibited by any emotions. She had orgasms unmatched to any other gfs the details of which some find difficult to believe-extreme

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  • I'm terrified of sociopaths and narcissists because I'm a magnet for them. They leech off people with high empathy.

    It's scary how charismatic and enchanting they can be, but I have avoided a romantic entanglement with a true sociopath.

    • Yep. And I’m not foolproof even though sometimes I’d like to think I am. At the end of the day I know that a sociopath who is smarter than me can also deceive me. So I’m trying to see how they act etc.

    • Can you describe some of their behaviors or tendencies?

    • They're smart and they know a lot. They can fake interest in you and your interests with ease so you think you're connecting on a deep level. They can charm you into submission and yeah, they're smarter than you. They know how to hide it.

      The difference between a sociopath and a psychopath is a deeply developed understanding of consequences. They know exactly what they can get away with and how to do so.

      A psychopath doesn't care about the consequences which is why they'll go on a murdering rampage. A sociopath knows the consequences aren't worth the effort. But that's about the only difference.

      So basically a sociopath will do whatever they know they can get away with. They will scar you emotionally without giving a crap about your feelings because they know that there's no law against it.

      They truly have no empathy.

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  • Sociopath or pyschopath?
    There's a big difference.
    Because if you mean sociopath, I am one.
    I've never respected the rules, nor rank, nor status.
    I don't give a shit if someone is a billionaire, or the president of the world.
    I believe in earning respect through your actions. If I respect you, then I'll listen. If I don't, you can piss up a rope.

    • Sociopath.
      a sociopath is a person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior and a lack of conscience (Google). They also lack empathy toward others, and tend to seek satisfaction by using others without caring for them.

      Is this something that you can familiarize yourself with?

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    • Also it’d be nice to hear people’s stories so I could know how to spot one better

    • Going with what @alllowtimes said, I agree 100% about how sociopaths say what you want to hear, just to keep you around, so they can throw you away when they get what they want. She was decently popular, you'd never expect at face value she was anything but a kind, fun, open minded girl. But if you got to know her, you'd realize her heart is blacker than Satan's. The only reason she was "open minded" was to learn more of your weaknesses so she could exploit them for her own gain.

  • I might be crazy but I don't know. I ask if I'm crazy a lot but everyone says im not. My past is bad and I've had struggles with mental health for a while. I think I'm crazy still after knowing I have all these Problems that a lot of people have. You could call me a lost butterfly 😂😂

  • My ex used to be a small but not a bit too extreme sociopath. But I could learn a lot from her break up. 😂😂.. glad I was broken up with her.


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  • I’ve never dated a sociopath, but I grew up with one. It was an awful experience. He’s one of the most selfish, immoral people I’ve ever met.

    • What are some of the things he did? Can you describe his behavior?

    • He has amazing people skills, so unless you really know him, you don’t know what he’s capable of. He knows how to manipulate others and what lies to tell to keep you around so he can continue to use you to get what he wants. Very unreliable, too. Takes what he wants, leaves you when he’s done, and then comes back when he wants something else. He then overcompensates for a while to keep you around, but eventually he goes back to his selfish ways. By that time though, you’re already hooked. It’s part of why people stay with abusive partners and later defend them. They think that they’ll change, and they’re convinced that they need them to be happy.

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