Am I wasting my time on this guy or is it too early to tell?

So there has been this guy that I met off Hinge. We messaged there for awhile until he gave me his number last week to text. He also expressed that he wanted to take me out on a date for Christmas. We have been busy to find a good time for the date but we did hang out Friday night at the gym because we couldn't wait any longer (lol not ideal but none of us could sleep since it was late and I didn't want to go to a private place for the first time hanging with someone.)
He did tell me beforehand that he wanted to see me even if it was for a short time because he was getting a puppy the next morning and it would be harder to hang out with him. He also told me that he wants to get to know me and "obviously" go out with me. At the gym he did ask if I wanted to see Disaster Artist for our date and I said yes. The next morning he texted me and added that he would take longer to text back because of the puppy. So since then, he has been taking HOURS to text back. He will make an effort for the conversation to continue though his replies are shorter and did apologize once because it took a long time to respond.

I know it's early and he did warn me but am I wasting my time? Is a puppy that time consuming? We haven't actually set our date in stone yet. I think I'm just really afraid that I'm being led on and I really don't know what to expect since it's been forever since I've last pursued a relationship.
Am I wasting my time on this guy or is it too early to tell?
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