I don't feel attracted to anyone, I don't know why?

I'm 19, never had a boyfriend, never kissed a guy, nothing. I've had guys hitting on me. And it has happened quite a few times that I liked a guy until he started flirting with me. I really don't feel any kind of attraction towards anyone. Sometimes I even ask myself if i'm interested in girls, but i think i'm not. I always feel fear even when I see someone liking me. It's just that either i don't like their physical appereance or their personality or lack of intelligence. Right now i'm communicating with this guy. He is nice and we have a few things in common. But I just feel like he is kind of insecure and most of the time he is even afraid to say what he truly thinks on some things we discuss about. I don't think he is quite attractive at least from the pictures and i'm afraid to meet him although he has invited me on a gig and on 2 parties. I accepted to go on the gig and the tickets were sold out and when i foind out i was so happy, before that I was extremely nervous. Because of his insecurity i'm thinking that maybe he doesn't even like me for me but he just wants to go oit with a girl. Sometimes I feel sad when he doesn't text me and sometimes I imagine what it would be like to go out with him. I don't want to be a cock tease but it really happens with most of the guys that I think I like and then I can't decide and I just back off. I don't know what's wrong with me.


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  • You lack a ability to empathize


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  • You gotta stop overthinking.
    You meet someone, the guy is in interested in you, all you need to do (IF You Like him), give him a change.
    Don’t overthink about “If this, If that, what if...” you will never know if you don’t risk. You are afraid of what?
    Just see him as an equal, a regular person tying to get to know you. Then relax, if you get invited to places (dates) just f*cking go! Go get some ice cream for free, or a meal, talk about your day, share things, go with the flow and just open your heart a little bit.
    It’s nice to be appreciated and loved. It’s nice to connect with different people and have friends who cal be there for you if you ever need.
    Don’t be so paranoid about him liking you or having feelings for you, just get to know the guy and take it slow so that you won’t be hurt or feel like he’s taking advantage of you.
    If anything double date and take your bestie with you.

    Good luck! Enjoy the attention while you young!


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  • I am too, I can't even understand why.


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