Should I send him a "sexy selfie"?

I was texting my boyfriend tonight and he told me that he might need a sexy selfie because he is having withdrawals (we haven't been able to see each other for almost 3 weeks because I'm home for winter break, and there is still a week until we see each other again) and I kinda just joked that he wanted that from the most awkward person. He called me cute for being awkward then when he said goodnight he said "goodnight sexy" instead of beautiful like he normally does (probably to make me feel good enough about my body to take that selfie).
We have been dating for almost 3 months, and we do fool around, but we haven't had sex yet, so he has seen my body before.
I do trust him and I really like him, but I've never sent pictures like that of myself before so it makes me nervous. And I wouldn't even know how to take a good one. Like I wouldn't be comfortable sending him a naked picture, but maybe in underwear? Is that even good enough for what he is looking for?
I am 19, and he is 21 by the way...
Should I send him a "sexy selfie"?
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