There a Girl I like that has have nude?

There this girl I like from high school. I found she had nudes pictures of herself. she doesn't know that I have seen the pictures as well as have them saved on my phone.

Should I still make an attempt at talking to her?

Does this make her ratchet?

should I send her a picture of her own nudes? ( got this idea from from friends and couldn't tell if they were serious or not)

Looking from serious opinion from guys and girls. Please help me out!


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What Girls Said 1

  • no don't ever send it to her! they were joking for sure! and if you like her, then make a move. Many girls send nudes nowadays. I personally think girls do it out of love.. but guys break their trust.

    • How would I make the move knowing she has nudes. For some reason it's bugging me but only a tiny bit

    • you're 18. probably young for this kinda situation. but older guys don't mind about these things. If it bothers you too much then you shouldn't approach her.

What Guys Said 2

  • She is a slut with issues, pump and dump her at most... And wear protection.

  • Don’t send her, her nudes.


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