Why Do Girls Lead On?

I've been talking to this chick. She seemed to have liked me while we talked for about a month, we finally go on a date and we make out on this date, but a day after she ghosts me for two months, then around the beginning of this month (12/2017) she started back talking to me saying "sorry I've been going through things and I tend to draw away from people when I am" or something to that extent. She's been talking to me again for almost a month now. But I can't seem to get a date with her. She entertains the idea of a date but won't follow through. I can't grasp an objective she has for me from her ass. Sounds bad but why does she entertain me? Do girls get a fancy from driving guys crazy? Is this a hot sexy new millennial thing that's supposed to be a fucking turn on? Can nothing make sense anymore?
So I think I need to mention this as well. Just for the record, I'm talking to other girls while talking to her. Therefore she's not the only one I'm focused on. So I entertain her a bit while I go have fun with others


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  • She told you she's going through some things and you ask her on another date?
    Lol. She's being kind to you so she doesn't tell you to fuck off and get the hint.


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  • As shitty as this sounds, she is using you as a back up! This has nothing to do with women. Men lead women on all the time as well. It is a personality trait. Take this as a sign of how she is truly and move on. No point in being with someone who treats you as a option!

  • She is either dating someone already,

    She is paranoid about emotions, relationships etc,

    She isn't over her ex,

    She is confused about her feelings


    don't hold on into her, if she wants it she will go and get it if not then let her go. Same about the date thingy, don't ask her again let her ask you if she's interested. Maybe you're trying too hard.

  • I don't know why she'd lead the date plan on because you've been on one together already, she should be open to another (unless she doesn't like you, but she wouldn't have messaged you again if she didn't like you). It could just be she's still going through whatever it is she's dealing with. I'd recommend just asking straight out, "Why do you not want to go on another date?" or just keep trying to make plans and if she continues to do whatever she's doing question her then. I'm as puzzled as you hahaha. Sorry for the lack of help, this girl has me stumped. The most you can do is continue chatting and then wait until she hints a date or find a time for you to mention it again. Even ask if she wants to hang out soon, and if she says yes, suggest a day. Once you're on the topic and planning one, it's gonna be hard for her to get around it so she'll ultimately have to make it happen. If she declines, don't take it too hard, keep talking and ask in a couple weeks or something (if you want). She may just want to wait. If all else fails, and she continues like this, drop her. You deserve better.

  • Um, she’s a bitch. Why are you even texting her? Seems like she just wants to play with your feelings.

    • She texted you and then ghosted you, yet you’re still attracted to her. Why do guys like douchebags? (Applying male logic here)

    • She started back talking to me after she ghosted me. She's hot no matter what. I think you're thinking I shouldn't be attracted to her emotionally or mentally and well I'm not. Physically I am. So no, we don't like douchebags. We like hot girls. And not to necessarily start relationships with either

    • Then, I can tell you the same thing. We don’t like douchebags. We like guys who are handsome and hot. This is attractive to both genders so get that through your head.

      Also, if you didn’t like your emotionally and you didn’t care, you wouldn’t be posting this question wondering about her. Lol it’s clear as day.

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