How do good hearted guys get mixed in with bad guys?

I was recently rejected by a girl who constantly said I wasn’t her type but their were other things she said that bug me still to this day. She accused me of being just after sex which isn’t true cause as sad as it is I don’t even know how to have sex. What I wanted from her was to experience a true romantic connection but it was never to be. Side note always listen to a girl when she says she’s crazy cause after playing with my emotions for months she became official with another guy. I tried avoiding her at work and she continuously approached me then said I was obsessed with her and she managed to turn a lot of people against me as well.


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  • She's a psycho by the sounds of it. I'm sorry she did that to you; some women are assholes. You deserve better, and you'll find it!

    • Yeah my trust has completely gone away like since that happened I really haven’t tried talking to women period. There have been some I found attractive but this popped into my head

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    • It's better to be actually into the person you like, even if it ends in pain. It shows you're willing to commit and aren't afraid of your feelings. I'd much prefer knowing my guy felt like that, compared to them being wary of me. Some girl is gonna be very lucky to have you one day, it seems you actually care :)

    • Yeah I love hard

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