Talking to me while he has a girlfriend?

I have ever talked about this guy.
We text and snap almost everyday for months. He says he wants to see me, asked me for pictures, always wants me, etc. We know each other pretty well. He asked me by his own (in general it was me who asked to meet) « When we see each other? », and then said we should meet when he comes back (he is with his family in another city) that is to say tonight or tomorrow. I didn’t see him for a year. I was REALLY excited to see him and to restart something.
And this morning, I wake up and check his instagram and see that he changed his profile picture by a girl, and that this same girl has wrote some comments under many pictures of him, with hearts and « sweet » words
This girl also have him in profile picture and he commented two pictures of her. All of that happened during this night. It seems crazy, I think they never see each other, she lives really far away and is a friend of his ex girlfriend.
Why he talks to me since all these months, asked me to meet if he begins a new relationship the same night?


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  • why you don't ask him?
    apparently, he might be looking for a "friends with benefits" relationship !
    if you want otherwise, then you should ask him directly and immediately !

    • I’m afraid to
      We talked this morning about stuff but I didn’t asked him he we always met today, I’m too afraid he says « I’m in relationship now bye »
      You can’t be in a « friends with benefits » if you have a kind of virtual girlfriend

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    • you're overthinking !
      it's better than keeping your mind busy and losing more time !
      go ahead and ask him, for your sake... always think about yourself first !

    • You’re right, I just love him for more than a year and I though he was finally ready to see me again and to restart something between us, I’m just destroyed and their relationship is just nonsense and probably not serious..
      Well thank you

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  • Maybe talk with him about it, just ask who's she, nothing like "I thought you have feelings for me son of a bish"


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  • He's probably looking to get with you physically regardless of what he has going on with her. Feel free to ask him and watch him squirm trying to explain himself

  • Because he is not commited to either of you. He wanta the best of both worlds. Cut the relationship and find someone better.

  • Mais meuf tu te fais trop d'idées
    Ca se trouve, t'es pas la seule avec qui il parle. Et l'autre fille est plus agressive

    • Trop d’idées de quoi?
      Agressive c’est à dire?

    • Dire que c'est sa copine c'est un peu faire une conclusion rapide (mais légitime)
      Il faut envisager la possibilité qu'il parle à plusieurs personnes en même temps, mais que cette fille est plus agressive et veut montrer aux gens sur les réseaux qu'il est pris
      Le mieux à faire c'est de le confronter sur l'identité de l'autre fille
      T'essaies de voir s'il est honnête

    • Merci de m’aider (en français en plus c’est encore mieux ahah)
      J’entends bien ce que tu dis mais tu mets pas une photo d’une fille en photo de profil comme ça, et dire « ❤️ », « à moi » etc sous ses photos sans que vous soyez ensemble
      Mais oui c’est surement 1) pas du tout sérieux et 2) très hâtif
      Surement qu’elle est a besoin de montrer qu’il lui appartient, je n’oserais pas m’imposer d’une telle façon à part au bout de plusieurs mois de relation peut-être
      Je vais essayer de le confronter mais je peux pas le perdre encore une fois et attendre qu’il revienne

  • Best thing is to ask him regardless of your fears. It sounds like he wants an friends with benefits.

  • That could be you in the future. Whilst he's talking to another girl

  • he's playing, dump him.

  • Sound like he was playing you and he won her sorry


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