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Why is one of these taboo and the other isnt?
  • Pay 50 bucks for dinner that will lead to sex at the end of the night
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  • Pay 50 bucks for Sex
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  • I don't go out for dinner as a payment for sex. I go out for dinner with my boyfriend, because eating together is fun and we both like good food. Usually there's no sex afterwards, because our stomachs are full. It's always looked down on to think that paying for something will entitle them for sex, when it doesn't. That's why it's a taboo. No one is obliged to have sex with someone, because they bought dinner or gave a gift.

    • So basically i have to give 50 bucks for nothing. No thanks rather give the 50 for garanteed sex

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    • Just find someone who is also just looking for a shag and you don't have to pay anything.

    • Too bad girls like that dont exist. They always wants something either drinks food or cold hard cash

  • Because one of them is for the purpose of getting to know the other and maybe start a relationship. If you don't understand that then I feel sorry for all the women you're going to be with

    • I feel sorry for them too. All they will get from me is clamidia

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