As a guy you are dating a girl and really like her, why do you push her away then come back around? Fear of getting hurt?

The girl is able to pretty much date any guy she wants given what she has going for her. The guy had been cheated on and divorced by his ex wife.

Why would you push this girl away then come back around in her life?


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  • I think you're giving the guy too much credit here. Guys do the hot/cold thing to keep a girl around. It's not because he's afraid of getting hurt or what not -- it's because he wants to keep his options open so that he's always available for the better thing if it comes around but at the same time isn't ready to just let a less optimal option just get away.

    • Ok i agree in most cases that would be true but he opened up to me a lot about how hurt he was by his past. He cried every day for 2 years he said. He also tried to committ sucide. It really really hurt him. He has only dated onr other person besides me in the last 7 years.

  • That can happen because of inner turmoil. Sometimes subconscious things and other times it is more obvious but it can cause a change in his mood where he needs space of just feels off and has less need for intimacy. Most of it will not be logical but emotions aren't.


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