Did I already ruin my chances?

I've sort of been friends with this girl for a year. She lived on my floor in college. We really only said "Hey how are you?" kind of things last year. This year I started talking to her a lot more because I was considering dating her.

Twice in my texts I've said something sort of hinting that she is pretty. She didn't respond to these.

I suspect it's mainly because her best friend likes me and she wants to back off.

Did I ruin my chances by commenting on her appearance too early?

(The comment wasn't anything vulgar)


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  • Depends on how early into talking to her you did this...but I doubt you ruined your chances either way. True, she might be backing off because her friend likes you, but that doesn't mean you can't still go for her. I don't think calling a girl pretty is ever a bad thing haha

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