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I missed out an option last time I asked this. So lets say you are happily married. In a couple years you will want kids. Your husband is also successful, thanks to his business. He can support you and the whole family easily. And he asks you what you would like to do. He says he would like a housewife.
  • Become a housewife
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  • Still work full time / carry on as you are
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  • Work part time
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  • Help him at his company
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What Girls Said 3

  • I have no desire to work or better my career. I only work because I need money for living. I'd gladly be a housewife if it was okay with my husband, but wouldn't have problems working full-time either, if our financial situation called for it.

  • Become a housewife.

  • I, myself have no intention to work following marriage and children. I am happy to work following marriage but I am downing tools the minute we become parents. I would feel a responsibility towards the child and my new family and I would have to be a constant in my child's life and I am not prepared to hand that responsibiity over to someone else.



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