There are times when a girl says "nothing" or "Idk" if something goes on and the boyfriend is confused but if tell him they act like they don't know?

For example: what if I came home with food, there was only enough for him and his family so I stayed in the bedroom to not make it a big deal, boyfriend goes to eat my food with his family but never asked whether I ate or not. Isn't that funny? Just came back to the room without a word. How would you feel if your girlfriend never considered your feelings? How a guy treats you is how he feels about you. Lol


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  • You have to watch out for yourself more. Instead of hiding in the room you should say to the guy, ‘I’m hungry’. See what happens. He can’t read your mind. Even very considerate guys are not going to always make the best decisions.

    Also if that is a real story, and you brought the food then isn’t it on you for not having food for yourself? Most people would assume that you intentionally did not want to eat.

    • Nope I bring food to the house and realized there wasn't enough for me, so I waited in the room because I didn't want his mother to feel bad and make it a big deal. After he eats my food he shows no thank you or any sympathy. Usually when a man cares about someone like his wife he would always be thinking of her too. But instead when I confront him about it, he complains why didn't I do the dishes? I didn't eat! And I am his guest and he's a man! I he can do his own dishes.

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    • I’ve had this experience: woman on weird diets. NEVER buys food for herself so I jump through hoops getting things I know she likes. When she sees them she gets upset and claims she doesn’t like it (not mentioning that she only says that because it conflicts with her new random diet). Mopes around for 10 minutes. Finds something she likes in the kitchen. Fine. Next week I buy the last thing she liked and it’s the whole thing over again. Finally I just said Foooook it. And stopped giving af.

      Did i still care about her? Yes. Was I going to keep playing a guessing game? Nope.

      If you try to make a guy guess, you will lose in the end. Just how life works.

    • Well buddy, don't involve your situation with mine because you don't know shit.

  • True, one of the best things a man can ever do is be considerate to the woman he loves, next time bring the food with you to your room and leave them all starve to death 😁


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