Out of curiosity, what do you look for in a dating profile?

After trying goodness knows how many different dating websites and having very little success, I figured I'd ask. Generally speaking: What do you look for/find attractive enough in a profile to strike up a conversation or respond back to on dating sites? Good photos? In depth description or just the basics? Showing off your dorky side? Showing off a more reserved side? I've tried these tactics and more but with very little success.

*Just to clarify I'm just looking for advice on how to best advertise myself. I know that making a relationship work takes effort, communication, and not being a dick which I'm pretty sure I've got down pat. For some reason I've yet to fathom I just don't have much luck gathering enough interest to encourage a conversation at the very least. At least that's my current hypothesis.

... ok I'll stop talking now, the longer I type the more I think I'll start sounding phony. I just need a little help getting a clue is all. 😓


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  • A couple of clear pictures. Some pictures of him having fun, doing whatever he does to have fun.. It brings more personality to the profile. Good description that doesn't have "i like to have fun" yeah, who doesn't? But everybody still writes it. At least write what fun is to you if you want that written there. A joke or two if it doesn't sound too forced. Have a look at a few other guys profiles and see what things are very common amongst them, then just don't write those things.


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