I'm anxious to get this relationship started, what do I do?

I'm ready to have the "where is this relationship going talk" with this guy I've been seeing for the last two months, only I'm a little nervous to.

For one, I'm hella anxious about having the talk to begin with -- I know, worst case scenario he says no and it's over. But I'm also worried about the timing, and worried about looking desperate or clingy to initiate wanting something serious.

I remember after our first date, we hooked up, and agreed to meet later on the weekend. But the day of our next encounter came and I said to him "listen, I'm not down with a hook up type relationship so if that's what you're after than I'll say good bye", he replied saying that wasn't what he wanted either. So we've been seeing each other since.

Still, I can't actually tell how much this guy is in to me. I assume if a guy wanted a relationship with someone it would be more obvious. I mean we do talk (almost) daily, and see each other quite often. But I've also kind of lived with with "Guys are supposed to initiate dating, relationships etc." and girls are often seen as clingy/desperate when they initiate anything. So a bit of that is holding me back too. I also worry that maybe it's too soon to even have this chat, I mean we met on tinder so we didn't know each other prior to meeting.

So yah, that's my new dilemma, I'm sure it's quite common, but here we are.

Thank you!
I'm anxious to get this relationship started, what do I do?
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