Would Korean men date a black person?

I know in Korea being Pale and white is the thing. And I live in America which is where you can date who ever you want and every skin color is accepted for the most part, I’m going to to Korea for school next year and I’m gonna be there for the next 2 years. Will it be looked down upon if I were to go with a Korean man? or if I were to have Korean friends I’m pretty worried.


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  • I don't know just what you mean by: "would I be looked down on if I were to go with a Korean man? Are you asking if you went to Korea with a Korean man, and lived with him? And about "if I were to have Korean friends I'm pretty worried." This isn't stated in a way that I can fully understand. I'm not any kind of expert on Korea, but I do know some Koreans and have been to Korea. The people there are friendly and kind, very respectful. Of course, the language is very difficult to learn.


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  • Yes they will. But it will be difficult when it comes to marriage. Korean people mostly like to marry Korean people. I know some exceptions, but very few compared to people from other countries.


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