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Well my boyfriend and I have been dating for 8 months and I always get him something small and cute to make him happy, i got so cute album full with our photos and really cute things for his birthday too , but he got me nothing for my birthday, I know he is broke but i do know that he isn’t that broke and he has 10£ to at least got me flowers or birthday card. He told me he would make it up to me but I’m still sad. Am I overreacting? Please any help?


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  • Yes and no
    You're not overreacting because he really didn't make anything to you. If he makes something, just write a poetry, a really bad one, would make you happy.
    But you're overreacting as well, because you're expecting he does to you the same things you do to him.
    That's not how it works. Anything you do to him, is not reciprocal, is your way to show him you like him, or even the way you want him to show his love for you (regular guys DON'T like albums for birthday presents)
    My advise is to sit, and talk to him about how you want him to show he likes you, and listen to his opinion as well.
    It'll probably fix the problem


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  • I don't consider it an overreaction, considering the variables provided. It may not be a purposeful slight against you, however it doesn't seem to me, that it would be so hard to show SOME kind of appreciation.

  • Expectations always hurt... be ready for the surprises!!!


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