Should I try again with this girl?

There was a girl i would see around school last year. I wanted to talk to her, but i had no balls and didn't actually know how to talk to a girl im crushing on back then.

So all that i would do is look at her in the hallways and stuff. I think she caught on cause she started reversing it, being the one who would stare at me and all that.

Anyway, I asked her out one day. It came out of nowhere, and I was pretty alward about it. We had never even talked before. She told me she has a boyfriend (i found out later this was a lie) and thats how we left off.

The weird thing was, after I asked her, I would still see her staring at me all the time.

Fast forward to this year
I moved on and liked someone else for a while, but it isn't going to work out with her. I think enough time has passed to give it another shot with this girl.

Weve talked once or twice in a group setting this year, and everything jas been normal between us. Every now and then I still see her sneaking a look at me or something.

Im a good looking, popular senior guy.
she's a beautiful, popular sophmore girl.

I was going to just approach her one day, make some joke about how she probably thought i was crazy, tell her she's beautiful and I want to "start over" and get to know her. Hopefully get her number or Snapchat.

So is it worth a shot to approach her again and how should i go about it?


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  • Try again, and if she doesn't seem interested then move on.

    • Sounds good.
      How should i approach her though.

      Is it better at this point to be open with my feelings and tell her she's beautiful and i want to get to know her, or ahould i try to just be a friend first?
      I dont want to make the same mistake I made last time and be too foward

    • Don't tell her yet, just wait and make sure the feeling is mutual. Just approach her again, ask her how she's doing. If she seems "bothered" or "annoyed" then move on from her.

  • You should probably become friends with her first get to know her better

    • Thats the goal, but i just got friendzoned so i want to make my interest clear from the beginning this time

    • Try to hang out 1 on 1 if it’s not a 1 on 1 then she might think you aren’t interested anymore

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