Why lie to me so much and then blame me for anything that you have done wrong?


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  • Some people can't accept they are at fault

    • I want her back so much, but i get so mad when i think about it all that she has done to me.. at parties she kissed pther guys behind my back. Always the next day she texted me and confessed what happened and blamed alcohol on it. And that constant lying she is impossible to deal with... but still i miss her so much😫

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    • As said previously, you need to move on. Easier said than done. Keep busy, don't let yourself dwell on her. Do things that you like to do, stay active, deliberately be with people. Give yourself time to worn alone, but don't stay there. It will get better faster if you will keep around others and stay active. It will hurt, and probably a lot. But it will pass, and get much better. You will get past this and enjoy things again. When you have gotten past most of this, look back and see where you went wrong. See where you let someone you couldn't trust in, and how it happened. See how is was that you were vulnerable to her, to not see what she was really like. In time, learn from your mistakes, move on to better things.

    • @markscott
      Well said.
      In fact I think I should also take this on board.
      It’s always easier to dish out advice than to take it.

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  • Because that person has naecissstic or borderline personality disorder traits.
    Or you just don’t mean that much to them.


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