First he calls me "babes", then "pal". What's his deal?

So I'm casually seeing this guy while he's in town. I met him through my best friend's boyfriend and we hit it off right away. He lives in a different province, so it was clear from the beginning that this wouldn't be anything serious, just a fun fling while he's here for the Christmas season. Side note, we're also sleeping together. I've never even slightly pushed for any type of commitment from him, I see it as were just having a fun fling.

Whenever we see each other we always have a great time! Lots of chemistry, lots of fun, we have great sex, and great talks. HE is even often the one telling me he wished he lived here, and how I should come visit him all the time, etc etc. It's NEVER me bringing that stuff up, I keep it cool and light on my end.

But when we text, he gets weird. He's done this one thing twice now where he first calls me "babes". Like "Looking good babes" or something like that. Then I respond (careful not to come across as clingy, like "omggg your so cute you called me babes!!" NONE of that lol. Just respond normally. Then in the next message he sends in response, he calls me "pal".

I really hate "Pal". Its right up there with Buddy, Fuckbuddy, Dude, Bro, etc. Do not like it one bit. Babes I'm fine with. But honestly I'd rather him call me no name than "Pal" lol. Him calling me pal gives me a tacky, gross "Fuckbuddy" vibe which really kills the mood for me and makes me want to be around him less lol.

So what's his deal? I'm doing literally nothing on my end to freak him out and make him feel like I'm trying to sneak a commitment out of him or anything. So why do you think he keeps doing it?


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  • He's also trying not to freak you out with "commitment lingo" vs just friends lingo just tell him to call u by ur nickname or by ur name not pal. Set the boundaries on little stuff that u can't stand now or you'll set urself up in the long run


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  • He went babes and compensated with pal.
    Clearly your into him more than he is to you.

  • Just tell him you don't like being called pal.

  • Friends with benefits can be foggy


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