Boyfriend of two weeks wants me to meet parents? He is 25 I am his first kiss?

He is the definition of a gentleman. He is 25, he was always focused on school and his job through high school and college. He lives on his own too. I was his first kiss, and he only had one girlfriend before me. He is extremely kind but truly values his beliefs and I admire that. He believes in sex after marriage, which was rare to hear but so awesome too. He always tells me I am beautiful and God truly answered his prayers. He is not one to play games. We both agree we are not into games and we will tell each other how we feel and never leave each other having to second guess. However, we both are people who if it is not going to work we are not wasting anyone's time each. He is a manager at an auditorium and works full time and I have a full time job as well. I am almost 22 as he is 25. He got back from FL yesterday visiting family, we talked 3 hours on the phone on his way back. Ended up surprising him that night which turned into sleeping over and talking until 6 am. He wants me to meet his parents this weekend. He said he's never brought a girl home and said he told his family about me over the holidays, saying his mom got emotional. My question is he said he would never introduce a girl to his parents if he didn't think it would last, last night he asked me things such as how I felt about moving in before marriage (we agreed it's not a big deal to us) and other very serious things. Is this moving quickly? Is it to do with being his first kiss? Thanks!


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  • To be honest... a bit too tired to read the whole thing... but I think you should have him pause a little and see if your relationship develops well further down the road... pretty sure he thinks you are the one since you are his first kiss... all the first things with a girl really can mess with a guy's head... it happened to me myself too...

    • Thank you! I do feel being his first kiss even at 25 that may make him have a rush of emotions maybe more quickly than usual. I am trying to remember that but also take his feelings into consideration, like I wish my first would have done. I feel when someone is your first, their actions can effect you more than they could ever realize.

  • He may just want you to meet his parents because he can see your serious about it and may not have an idea but if u don't feel comfortable with it just explain he will understand though trust me

    • Thank you! I guess it's different for a guy to move this fast as I am not used to a pace this quickly. However, I know with my first kiss I personally fell hard so I am trying to remember I was I feel almost like that years ago with my first kiss.

    • What religion is he may I ask

  • Yes it moving quickly. No it doesn't matter. Yes you should meet the parents.

    • Thank you so much for your feedback! :)

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