When a guy falls hard for you, how long does it take for them to recover a bit?


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  • Yeah... I liked someone a lot and think I fell for them in college. She just ghosted on me one day and even now I don't think I'm over that years later. Just being around her was the best feeling imaginable and made me look forward to getting up.

    • 😪😪 that must b really hard...

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    • I totally get it. What did the other people not have that she did?

    • Similar interests and a passion for them... same sense of humor, a smile that just brightens my day. It was really apparent she looked forward to talking to me and that made me feel wanted. I'm talking to someone now that I get somewhat of a similar feeling with, but she's in New York and I'm not sure if she'll continue her interest in me lol. Anyways, I'll stop here before I make this a Dr. Phill conversation haha.

  • it depends if u dated and for how long?


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