Guy I am seeing has gone on holiday with another man, will he be hooking up with girls?

I have been seeing a guy for 3 months. I quite like him but recently it seems like he’s backing away. When we meet up, he doesn’t want to kiss me and gives an excuse.

he recently became really close to this guy he met. They stayed in a hotel in their home town together the other night, and the next day when I saw my guy, he was in a horrible mood with me, wouldn’t kiss me, no flirting, if I made any sexual jokes he’d pull a face. He never used to be like that. So I’ve backed off a bit and he gets desperate to see me some nights. I tried to talk about how I feel but he told me I’m stupid and overly sensitive. When he phones me he’s negative and not interested in what I have to say.

but just found out he’s gone away for a week in Italy Rome for new year with the guy he’s become good friends with. I know he’s met a random group of girls there and is hanging with them and he won’t text me. I’m really sad cause I feel this is not fair on me.

Is it likely that he’s hooking up with these girls? Shall I just end it? Is that what 2 lads go on holiday for? If I end it now by text would that be fair when he’s on holiday, I wouldn’t want to upset him and ruin his holiday. I don’t know what he’s doing :(
He even called me his girlfriend recently :(


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  • First of all, no point being in a relationship which gets you worried instead of getting you happy. second. talk to him, tell him this is how you feel, if he doesn't give an honest answer, leave. you'll either get an honest answer or the choice to live with someone who does not even care to share his feelings with you. either way, problem solved.

  • wait til he gets back and ask him. be a shame if you let your insecurity get the better of you and you finish with him before hand. especially if he is just chilling out and has no intention of going with another girl. you could just push him to consider it so self fulfilling prophecy strikes again


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