My stepsister has a lot of guy friends and some of them like her. She doesn’t tell my mom anything about boys and she’s worried. What do I do?

My stepsister (Fakename: Elle) has a lot of guy friends. We talk about them a lot at home but in code names so then mom doesn’t know who we’re talking about. She asked me about Elle’s relationship with boys but I didn’t tell heranything about it.

Elle once told her that she kept texting with a boy for 6 hours. Oh, mom went nuts. She kept saying “it’s not healthy!!!”

Mom knows that Elle is a responsible, sweet, amazing girl/student but she’s afraid that she’s gonna get into some sort of troubles.

What should she do? And what do i do?

FYI: Mom got married with Elle’s father about 4 years ago and she IS close to her. But I don’t think she sees her as her mom.


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  • Nothing but trust her judgment, by the way how old is Elle?


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  • Nothing you can do

  • Stay out of it

    • That’s prob the best right?

    • It really is the best advice I can give you

    • Thanks you
      I appreciated

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