I dont know if my girlfriend actually likes me back please help?

Please help me find out if my girlfriend actually likes me


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  • Well did you try asking her? Hey do you still like me, Are you happy in this relationship, Do you want to continue going out with me, Have your feelings for me changed since we 1st started dating, Do you like being with me, Are you still interested in pursuing this relationship, etc

    Unless you're gonna send me her address, a plane ticket, a photo, and some pocket money, there's not much I can do.

    • She hasn't texted me back today that's why I'm worried

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    • I've been dating her since Sunday

    • She's the same age as me as well

  • If she didn’t like you then she wouldn’t be dating you.

    • I disagree with experience just because theyre together doesn't mean she likes him she just might not want to hurt him but doesn't want to be with him and not know how to break it to him

    • Don't ruin my false reality

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