Why do women text overly formally to me, like with excess punctuation and stuff?

I have talked to/messaged/texted lots of women in the past and I've had this weird thing always happening where they start off really flirty and relaxed but soon start to use excess punctuation and stuff in their texts. Like what I mean is:

They start off with:

"Haha yea I can totally see that :) I used to play volleyball when I was younger but don't have time anymore :( Do you play any sports?"


"I'd like to hope so in the future. I don't know what I want to do with my future but I'll figure something out."

See what I mean?

This sort of thing has probably happened to me 20 or so times in the past year and it's kind of off putting because it makes me feel like the women are either mad at me, intimidated, or off put themselves.

Some more info:

(1) I ask out women within a day of getting a number
(2) I don't use excess punctuation myself, although I do use proper grammar
(3) I never start off with sexual language
(4) And I do meet with most of these women, which have turned to hook ups on some occasions

Nope only about 50% of them. Most of the girls that seemed fun over text were fun in person too - even if we didn't click


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What Girls Said 2

  • Whenever I use over punctuation (try not to) its because I don't want a guy to say that I'm bad at texting

    • Oh shit lol I didn't know girls do that

    • Yeah its cuz we don't want to be embarrassed or offended so we try to act proper

  • I vote for overthinking it as well. I honestly do both and don't think about it. I'm not purposefully trying to be prim and proper if that makes sense.

    • Ok fair enough. I was just worried that I was coming across as "holier than thou" which is what was making them write like that lol

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    • I wouldn't really say that. I notice the faster I type the more I tend to abbreviate.

    • I write this way all of the time. I would see where you're curious though. It sounds like possibly we are concentrating on being fun and then focus on a conversation. Don't see where that would be a downgrade though. Fun vs. smart maybe?

What Guys Said 1

  • "Over thinking it"?

    • Maybe but the thing is that it gives me no incentive to like meet up with them... because I need to flirt a bit beforehand to know that the girl is going to be fun and all

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    • Were all the other girls like her that used proper grammer.

    • Nope only about 50% of them. Most of the girls that seemed fun over text were fun in person too - even if we didn't click - oops put it into wrong header ahaha-Im dumb

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