How do I go about handling damaged goods?

Recently, I met this guy who is absolutely everything I've been looking for, ME but a boy. It's sweet really, aside from 2 things. A.) He's a commitment phobe.and B.) So am I. We get along so great, I've known him for about 6 months now, and I've only not seen him for a handful of those days, normally, that's way to much time with one person, you know? Not with this one tho, we hang out constantly, we vacation together and for the first few months we were obviously "dating" but nothing was ever said about it. Recently, we went on a little camping trip with one of my friends, who brings up "How long have you 2 been seeing each other?" We both answered "About 5 months" Naturally, later on I asked him what we were doing. He replied, "I don't know, all I know is that I really like you, but you want kids and to get married and I don't." UM.whoa.never said anything about kids OR marriage, frankly not really interested in either. Not right now anyway. Long story so I'll start stopping now, I guess my question is, How am I suppose to act around him? After everything was said, I backed off, I'm not gonna get all cozy with someone that doesn't want to, you know? The first 2-3 days I didn't see to much of him, but there was a lot of work hours involved between the two of us. I still see him everyday, he calls me to tell me he misses me, he still even stays over all the time, its exactly the same, except now there's a no-touch zone awkwardness. You can't treat your "friends" the way he treats me, I just don't freaking know what he wants. I realize I'm probably the one that quit touching him, but only because I felt that's what he wanted, for us to slow down a I'm not so sure, but I'm having a hard time just leaning over and touching him, like I want to.REALLY BAD. I'm actually almost positive we are both not saying anything, about anything, been going through it real quiet. I wouldn't doubt if he felt exactly how I do. So, how do you know when a guy really is into you? I'm sensitive, I need A LOT of reassurance before I go throwing my feelers out there like that.Any advice would be great. I suck at talking feeling.or whatever in person.I can do it e-style tho. :)


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  • O he is into you. Sometimes women miss interpret men. A man can be against marriage and having kids and still be totally into the girl he is with. One thing has nothing to do with the other. Me personally its the most vibrant exciting women I've dated that I didn't want to Marry. Why because I don't want that vibrant exciting person to change. Its weird sometimes women want a man to change. We want the girl we fell in love with. We don't want her to turn into something else. So you go back to him and do whatever you were doing before. Go up to him and say hey lets hang out and put your arm around him. Joke around with him and before you know it everything should go back to the way it was. He just misread you. So his feelings never left. Just make everything casual and spontaneous. And you guys will be back to the way it was. Keep it informal fun and flirty. Can you let me know if this advice helped. Thanx I hope it does


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