Does he like me?

we went out on a second date, and we are making plans for date 3. We went out on date second and it was awkward standing in line to get food, but he seemed like he was a little uncomfortable. Then we sat down and we started to talk, he smiled a lot, and fidgeted with his cup and I was calm but a little nervous. I made eye contact with him, and he did too. He shifted his eyes, as I was the last to look at him. He remembered somethings I texted him for conversation starters. He texted me beforehand after our 1st date saying he really likes me and wants me to be his girlfriend. Is he shy? He told me he was, and avoided people. Is he shy? Do shy guys make better lovers?


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  • Any guy, even shy guys, will make it very clear to you if he likes you. If you have to wonder and get confused, then he doesn’t like you that much. And shy guys make good lovers, they are cute and sensitive. Hope this helps.


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