We have a label: "Friends" who are dating. Is this bad?

I've been dating this guy for almost two months now. He has done everything that a boyfriend would do: taking me out on dates, calling me every day after work, having intimate and emotional talks with each other, etc. He even brought me to his family on Christmas day at his family dinner - Even though he Introduced me as his friend.
And I was okay with that. He is like a best friend to me - We talk on the phone for hours every day, he would show up spontaneously at my door with surprise dates and flowers, and he always tries to encourage me and cheer me up whenever I feel down. We had great sex, and the chemistry is amazing. When I asked about "What are we?", he would then reply, "We are friends who are dating each other."
Is this bad? Should I pursue the "boyfriend/girlfriend" label with him? Or is this too early?


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  • Coming from a guy I'd say end it. We want to claim a woman and be happy and make our woman happy. Two months and your just a "friend" is a problem in my opinion.

    • But why does he bring me to his family on Christmas day? I am falling in love with him, this is making me sick...

    • He did it to A) show you off as your (girl) friend and potentially nothing more or B) he doesn't want to admit to family that you are his girlfriend. Figure out ASAP which one it could be and from you you two would need to work things out. If he's doing boyfriend/relationship type stuff then things should be going both ways. He should be proud to say to his family "This is my girlfriend." If not then yeah. There are issues at hand.

    • Ok. I guess he just does not see a future with me... thank you.

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  • hell no. leave girl. NEVER BE WITH SOMEONE WHO can't CLAIM YOU. there’s players out there that will act like the perfect boyfriend. but he won’t even tell people you’re his girlfriend... that’s just a way for him to tell people he’s single.


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  • No. Don't bother. That's terrible. You are being used for sex. You shouldn't have had sex with him in the first place. I hope you learned a lesson from it and do not make this mistake again.

  • he might not want more than friends. my exp. it blurs the boundary for me so I dont think I should be touching my friend like I would to my lover.


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