Im dating a guy 2x my age and he mentioned kids?

I'm seeing a guy a lot older and I like him and I'm happy he's talking about moving in together and I kinda want to... a lot of people assume because of my age I'm a gold digger and he just wants me for sex but we haven't even had sex yet nor has he given me Money or brought me anything
But he knows I'm thinking about sex and that I do want kids and he made a joke about no babies until 6 months of us dating at least and I said well if we end up having sex before then I guess your pulling out and that started a whole conversation on kids

I told him I really want kids rn but I'm waiting until I meet a guy I know will be fully committed to me and my baby and I want to have a nice house and even better cash flow

He said well we're going house next month and u know I have more than enough money to provide and I'm committed to you how things are going I want you to be my forever

What do y'all think
I'm happy he's amazing
Im dating a guy 2x my age and he mentioned kids?
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