I am trying to get involved in a relationship with an army officer (woman), but I heard that they have multiple fuck buddy?

Is that right because they have a lot fuck buddy so being boyfriend has no meaning for them and they might have HIV.

Please be specific and have real answer , no dumb I will block you or report your answer.


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  • Ok, so, you can't stand a dumb answer, but you ask a... ok, nevermind. I'll just try to answer you.

    1. No. Women in the military do not all have fuck buddies. Anytime anyone ever tells you "women of ___________________ (group) do all the same thing", they are wrong. Do you get that? I heard all people named Ahmadoz have green hair and 14 eyeballs. Am I RIGHT about ALL guys called Ahmadoz? NO. Of course I'm not right. Because YOU don't have green hair an 14 eyeballs. Well, a statement like all Army women have fuck buddies is the same dumbshit kind of statement. Of course not all Army women have fuck buddies. Women in a group do not do all the same thing.

    2. Talk to the woman. Ask her questions about her sex life. Ask her if she IS monogamous or wants to be monogamous. Don't sit around worrying about it. Be a man and just get the information you need. Don't be a pig about it. Go out with her a couple of times. Don't either of you drink too much and ask questions like (I'm going to make-up a name for here) "Cindy, I really like you. I want to keep seeing you and I want to know more about you and see if we want the same things." Then you just talk about it. Not like an accusing asshole who is interrogating her about if she's slutty. Like a guy who respects her choice to have whatever kind of sex she has, you just want to know, so you can see if your values match up. "Cindy, I am a one-woman kind of man, and if we decide to keep going out, I want it to be just you and me. Are you seeing anyone else right now? How do you feel about being monogamous with me?"

    Most women ARE monogamous, so she's probably going to say "yes" and then you move on.

    3. You should not be going into a relationship as an adult person without having a full panel of STD tests done on your own self. And then, when you think you might have a new partner you say "I had my STD tests done 6 weeks ago. Here's the paperwork. I haven't had sex with anyone else. Can you show me yours? I think it's important that adult people get STD tests, I hope you do too."

    She says "fuck off you asshole" and you say, "that's fine. I just like to be safe and do the right thing, goodbye."

    OR she says

    "You're right. Thanks for looking out for my health. I'll have mine done and show you."

    Then you see her results, realize she doesn't have HIV, and THEN, you absolutely do not stick your penis in her without a condom on. You don't EVER have sex with a woman ever without a condom until...

    • the one day when you and a woman decide to make a baby. Then you don't wear condoms. But until then you do, because you don't want to get HIV and instead of coming here all in a fluster over some half-informed HIV panic, you just do the actual stuff adults do to NOT get HIV. Or any of the other shit.

      4. AND while you are at it, this is when you talk about birth control. "What kind of contraception do you use?" She is probably on something, because smart adult women who date and have health insurance (like in the Army) usually want to be on something so they don't have to worry. It's pretty important that she is on the pill, the patch, the implant, and IUD, Nuvaring - one of those very effective ones. But if she's not, if you really know how to use condoms, and condom safe-lube, and you're ready to pull out right before you ejaculate, and you do those two things together, you are really unlikely to get her pregnant. Plus, you can do a lot of touching, rubbing, and other stuff...

    • Maybe she is NOT the right woman for you. Maybe you are too conservative for a Western woman (I get the impression she is and you are not) - maybe you are too conservative to date a woman who is not a virgin. If you think of a sexually active woman as a slut and a pit of disease, then probably you should not sleep with any at all, even once, until you find a virgin, like yourself to get married to. But if YOU aren't a virgin, or you don't want to STAY a virgin, then don't go around thinking this icky stuff about women. realize that everyone takes a risk. She's going to take a risk on you, and you can have warts or herpes even if you're virgin, and maybe YOU could give that to HER - see, you're not probably any cleaner or dirtier than she is. So, approach your risk like a rational adult man who has read about HIV and all the other diseases, knows his risk, and makes a wise decision to use condoms and ask for an STD test.

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  • They being army officers in general? I'm a bit confused


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  • The military is no different than the civilian world, take your chances and find out I guess.

  • You heard wrong


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