Why no Kiss?

After dating a guy for almost a month and we've kissed a few times, we hung out last night and he didn't even try to make a move, why?


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  • I can help I'm a guy. Ok if he has already kissed you a few times but didn't this time. What we know is that he doesn't mind kissing you. So why not now. He is probably afraid of coming on to strong. Why well there are a group of girls out there who don't like guys coming on to strong. These other women will drop a guy quicker then a hot pan if the guy even tries kissing them on the neck. Here is the problem there is no way to tell if you are one of those girls or not until its to late or he gets lucky and your not that type of girl. Those girls don't give guys second chances. Because of them guys are less aggressive with women cause one mistake and she is gone. I once tapped a girl on the but and got an angry look. Did the same thing to another girl years later and she smiled at me. So its better to just not do it at all. So you may not be the problem its a bunch of other girls that are causing the problem. Let him know you are open to him being affectionate and he will open up to you. Can you tell me if you liked my advise. Thanx

    • Thanks for giving the guys possible perspective on things. we'll see how things go next time I see him and maybe I can let him know I'm not in that group of girls that doesn't like aggressive guys. I find it a turn on.

  • I don't know, you would have to ask him! My question to you is, did you make a move on him? Why not, you obviously wanted something to happen so why do think you have to wait for him to make a move?

    Go ahead and plant one on him!


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