I had never felt in love, how it feels?

I'm 24 a had a girlfriend and I had date with some girls in this time, but I never felt in love, not even close, is that normal?

I mean how it should feel or how I know I'm in love?


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  • In my lifetime I have experienced it with only a select few people (outside of blood family) My best girl friend being one and my best friend being the other. With significant others it’s a little different. For me love is when you realize you would sacrifice your own happiness for the other person. It means you would put them before yourself. To me, that means I would take a bullet for them and save them at my expense. I think it also is when you can look at them and be instantly happy. You don’t need any words and it doesn’t matter how long it’s been since you last saw each other, just a glance and you know everything is good. I know this is a long response but I hope it helps.

    • Thanks!
      Wow that's so interesting!
      Should I be sad off never felt that way?

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    • Who is close in your life?

    • My parents, my brother and my dog

  • Painful


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