Hey, Girls, I have a question. If you're totally into a guy and the guy is in to you, how easily would you be freaked out by his personal problems?

Say you only know eachother for about a week over the internet (so you've only seen a picture or two of eachother). But you two are really flirting a lot with eachother and both clearly showing that you're interested, how quickly would you be freaked out if the guy started sharing a lot of his deep personal problems with you?


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  • It would really depend. A week of talking online to me is not much, so it would probably come as a surprise that he’d be so open.

    If the problems he was having were serious and I would understand his need for telling me and asking me for support, I’d try to be there for him. Depends so much on the context tho; what the problems were, if he has other people to talk to them about, if they’re a big part of his identity and all that.

  • That rather depends on what they are.

    • What they are? I'm sorry, but I don't understand what you mean, could you elaborate?

    • 🙄

      Whether a girl will be freaked out by your “serious emotional issues” rather depends on what those “serious emotional issues” actually are.

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