Question: my boyfriend has a habit of hiding my posts on Facebook, me full stop for weeks on Facebook even interacting?

I’ve been with my boyfriend months, love him very much. It’s long distance neither of us drive! He’s been acting extremely weird since September claiming he’s been getting messages telling him to keep away from me etc. We argue like fuck!! Which is normal right in any relationship? He’s been up my way but I’ve never integrated into his life yet which after 6 months you’d expect some sort.. I had requested him as my boyfriend on Facebook he accepted which was Halloween. So I changed the date a few weeks later to when we first slept together which was June and ta da he made the post private only friends could see.. it annoyed me, when I go out with friends drinking he’d remove a post of mine and when I ask why he’ll say that he’s been getting messages saying I’m cheating (which I’m not) I’ve tried to break it off a few times because it does get over bearing but he clings on to me.. it’s like he won’t let me go!! He’s insecure yes, said he’s a mess and I’m beautiful looking who’d look at him (me) it’s like he’s not happy.. I do love him though!! Very much


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  • Arguing like fuck is quite normal for relationships that should end. With the exception of one woman, I have never been in an argument or fight with any woman.

  • So what's your question?


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  • Change your password to something he doesn’t know and won’t guess. That’s weird and controlling behaviour.

    Personally, I would dump him for that, but it’s up to you.


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