How to stop thinking worst case scenario when it comes to dating girls?

Whenever I have a really good date, and maybe she doesn't text or I don't have the reassurance I want, I start to think of worst case scenario. Like maybe she's just out with other guys or not interested anymore. Or maybe there's just something wrong with me. When in reality there could be a million reasons why she doesn't text or didn't want to date. My therapist says reality is usually somewhere in between worst and best case scenario.

Why type of mentalities have you adopted to stop thinking worst case scenario with dates.


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  • Just stop caring and brush it off. What I mean is that say a girl doesn't text you back usually I assume they are asleep unless they tell me they aren't. And Well If they are ignoring you and your basically on read then leave it be and talk to other people.

  • its generally not a good idea to envision negative scanario's especially if there is no reason to think that way

    sure some girls are going to reject you but some aren't so you sort of have to try and have any success


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