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Me and my girlfriend are planning to have New Years sex. But, I recently found out her ex twat was a guy in my high school. I remember he literally was hung like a horse... swimming changing rooms.

I am am an anxious person. My sexual anxiety is even worse. I feel inadequate being average size. What if she thinks he is normal and I am small. What if I can’t satisfy her because she has been stretch out?
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  • It will be fine.


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  • She hasn't been 'stretched' out, that's just silly! You'll be fine, you are totally overthinking it. Firstly, you're putting a lot of pressure on yourselves to plan it in advance. For lots of reasons sex should be a passionate thing that happens 'in the moment' when both people are into it. So don't put massive expectations on yourself about size, doing it right, comparing yourself to her previous partners - it's human nature but you'll ruin the whole thing for yourself if you get too caught up in worrying!
    Top tip - if something doesn't go right just relax, have a drink and make a move again later in the night, or the next morning ;)


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  • The way to think about the situation is "She left him for a reason". She's with you, not because of your dick but because she likes you! And when someone likes you, especially in the beginning, sex is always good! So kick back and don't stress! She's gonna love it :)

  • The thing about 'average' is that it's usually more than adequate. :P You'll be fine. If she starts makes comparisons, then she's got a mental density problem of her own.


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