Girls, Approach women in public?

Ladies, if a guy sees you out at a grocery store, mall, department store etc., what are some things he should and shouldn’t do if he wants to approach you and start talking? Is it really cheesy to start talking about a vegetable, food product or whatever that you might both be standing by?


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  • As long as it isn't remotely sexual I would be ok with that kind of approach
    If you could find a way to say you weren't expecting to be blown away in the produce section by her beauty (not by a particular part of her body) that would grab her attention.
    Be sweet, be genuine, it don't be over powering. If she doesn't bite, move on.

    • I don’t want to say anything inappropriate whatsoever. How would you react if a guy said “hi I’m so and so. I really like your (insert accessory or clothing item)”?

    • That's not bad, but if you can bring it back the attention back to her it's more meaningful. Like the color of your shirt compliments your skin tone or something. Don't be super specific too quickly though because then you risk coming off as creepy

    • Good point. Thank you.

  • Just say hey you wanna screw


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