Do I tell him about my ex?

Talking to this guy and we get on well it’s still fairly new and still getting to know each other. I haven’t told about my ex yet because we haven’t got that far and plus I’m worried what he might think, and at the same time I don’t like keeping him in the dark.

The situation with the ex is that we moved in together, but after a little while it didn’t work out and we broke up. But we’re still living together it isn’t easy, we would have moved out but we both can’t afford it find a new place. I swear nothing is happening and we’ve already said that once one of us move out we’ll have nothing to do with each other. I should be moving out in hopefully 4 months

So shall I tell this new guy the situation at home before if/it gets more serious or wait?
Do I tell him about my ex?
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