Why did he do this?

This guy knew about how my ex cheated on me with 67 different women and had a baby with someone behind my back (we are in college) and he would GO OUT OF HIS WAY to gain my trust and have me believe he wouldn’t treat me like that (he even convinced my friends of it) and come to find out he’s had a girlfriend back home this whole time. I asked him about her because they would snapchat a lot and send ❤️ and he denied it and said they were just friends (i asked 8 times) and even said that we won’t work together if he can’t trust me and then through my issues i had with my ex in my face and that i need to stop accusing him of stuff he “isn’t doing.” Come to find out he’s been lying this whole time. Wtf did he do that for? and now he still views all my stuff on snapchat and instagram
Why did he do this?
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