Girls, am I crazy to find this guy perfect for me?

I am absolutely head over heels IN LOVE with my long term boyfriend. I think he's perfect and I want to marry this man. I love the way he wants to take care of me for the rest of my life, i love how he wants to make some babies, how he takes control, has traditional values, believes in traditional gender roles. He wants to marry me young and start a life. he's very old fashioned and a little religious in that if I hadn't been a virgin when we met he wouldn't have been with me. He doesn't really ask me to have sex he kind of just does it and I let him. He tells me what is right and what to do but i dont mind because i respect him so damn much. If he told me the sky was red Id probably say yes, you're right. is this healthy, or am I just too in love.


Most Helpful Guy

  • There is a lot of infatuation energy here, and as is often the case, it is being confused with love.


Most Helpful Girl

  • It’s unhealthily and you need to be your own person. Don’t let him control you too much or else it will get out of hand one day. You still young and you still got long way to go before you figure life out. Take it slow. Be smart.


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  • Ur too in love. It might be an issue if he is too controlling


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  • Sounds like you don’t really have your mind. But it’s your choice to give it to him.


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