Is the way I look really push people away from me?

I finally met this guy I've been talking to for months, we spent 2 hours together and everything seemed just fine but then when I got home and we were texting he started acting weird. We used to talk like close friends ( a lot of flirting tho) and I thought that maybe this was our shot to start Something , but now it's like he's trying to get away from me or Something. To be clear he knew how I looked like since we studied in the same high school but never actually talked until we went out from it. I still can't figure out if he doesn't like how I look like up close or what? I just don't know what to do.


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  • Does this have anything to do with your previous post? It doesn't sound like it's related. In this post you stated that you "finally" met this guy to whom you have speaking to for months. Have you two seen each other for real either through a phone or skype? How long has it been since you last saw him? Does he have a reputation? It might not be your appearence but rather him. How much do you know about him? What did you guys do during your 2 hour date? (Which if he did not like what you looked like, i doubt it would've been 2 hours)

    • No this post is not related to the previous one.
      The last time I've seen him was in 2014 , to be clear I was curvy back then and from that year to now I've lost a couple of pounds. I know a lot about him since he is the ex of a girl who studied with me, they stayed together for 5 years but I don't have a clue about the reason of the break up. I think I know a lot about him and I'm sure as hell he's not the type of guys who judges by the appearences , but this got me thinking. We went for a coffee and we talked about many things and everything seemed okay. I don't know.

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    • He is currently a student , we're considered as friends but we flirt , a lot. Before I got home he sent me a message asking if I arrived home well , we texted a bit about how he found me "shy" and then he started replying late tho he was online and he doesn't usually do that. I hope that you don't find me silly.

    • Since he askes you that, it shows he cares about you. Being shy is fine, just dont act differently than how you act through your phone. How is school for him? Is he having issues with classes? Dont worry about seeming silly, because everyone has some issues like this going through their lives.

  • Could be a personality issue.


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