What should her and I do?

We dated for 2 months and loved each other very much. We were quite serious and were over the moon for each other. She broke up with me because she realized she wasn't ready for a committed relationship. She wanted me in her life either way as a friend. We exchanged Christmas gifts early and she kept the love letter and heart box and everything I gave her. We talked before her last exam. I dropped her off and drove home. That was the last time we planned to see each other. But she missed her exam and called me because she needed me and needed a hug. We held hands and figured stuff out. The next day she wanted me to pick her up and help her with other stuff and I did. She was wearing the necklace I gave her for Christmas. We held hands again and went shopping together and she wanted me to help her with buying jeans and give my opinion. Then she said she wanted me to help her with band stuff in the future. I then texted her about how I still had reservations for us at a hotel and couldn’t get money back and if she wanted to go. She asked why and I had to spell out that I wanted to have breakup sex (us discussing getting a hotel was so we could have sex in the first place). That pissed her off a lot and we didn’t text “Merry Christmas.” But she still likes my instagram photos and when I said I was surprised she cared when I was in the hospital she said “just because I’m mad at you doesn’t mean you’re not important.” She says she cares and while she still needs space will talk to me soon and is caring from afar. She’s really worried about me. Are we playing games? What does she want to do?


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  • I think she is unsure


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