Do you have to talk everyday to that person you want?

I mean, if a girl is impressed by me and all of that and she gave me her phone number and we chatted two days continuously and the third day we didn't coz we didn't have much left to talk, does that mean we've lost interest? Is it like if you like that person you'll always have something to talk about? And you'll talk every single day with them? Or is it fine if a few days go by without talking and then again talking a lot and then again nothing for a few days?

I hope you understand what I am talking about. Thanks


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What Girls Said 1

  • I think at the beginning of talking to someone it's okay to go a day or two without talking. When things get serious is when it's weird to not chat everyday


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  • What builds a decent conversation is the taking of turns. So, I think you should talk to her only if you have something good or nice to day. Otherwise, wait for her to do it. If none of you have a good conversation topic (and are not capable of creating one) just let it go.


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