Why is this happening?

I'm in a long distance relationship and the problem is that we often argue. We really love eachother but there must be something about it.. For example I sometimes am mean I know, but I can say I'm a really sensitive person. I consider that we are in a love-hate relationship. One day he makes me super mad but on the other side I want him so much. We haven't met yet tho, but we vidoecalled and voicecalled many times, so I know he's not a fake person. I seriously love him and so does he, I just don't understand why we argue so much.


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  • Maybe you just aren't compatible, and long distance doesn't work if you are going to keep it long distance, you need physical activity 😉 to remain attracted, thats what happened to me anyway

    • We are together for 5 and a half months. He promised to visit soon so after that I hope I will figure out if it will really work.

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    • I was in your exact shoes, except without the arguments, but I became to overbearing and it pushed her away because I was always talking to her

    • We really love to talk! Before we started dating, we were best friends for a bit and I thought that maybe we are often mean to eachother because we were used to it while being besties. We didn't mind it that time.

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  • What do you argue about if I may ask?

    • Well, any stuff actually. We sometimes even argue out of nowhere, sometimes about misunderstandings, jealousy, overreacting and so on

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    • Okay thank you so much!

    • Hope it heals!

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  • Because you’re not compatible and are trying to change something about the other

  • Its because of the distance. You dont see each other so i imagine you talk a lot. And when you dlnt have anything else to talk about, you argue. Try online sex to get both of you distracted


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