If a man is only starting to do these things, does it mean he's becoming more serious about you?

I could tell my boyfriend was scared about commitment since his last relationship. He never really cared to introduce me to his family (to be fair he met my mum a year into the relationship). It was just something he didn't suggest and I didn't push it because i know in due time it would happen.

But recently he's made an effort to invite me to couples things with his friends, he invited me over to his mums house for her birthday, then for Christmas dinner and today he took me to meet his grandma. Also in the last month he's made an effort to see me almost everyday.

It sounds like things are looking good for us and we are in a very good place. It feels like he's becoming less scared about commitment by including me in more things or is it me?


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  • Perhaps you earned enough of his trust where he is able to see this relationship going far therefore its easier for him to include you in events because he knows you will be there to stick around


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