I don't know if I'm wrong or she's wrong?

We both argued about unknown number on her phone. Well this what happen I didn't mind about it at all to begin with. We both Waiting in the hall. Out no where phone number texted her "?" And she text someone back "?" As her respond I ask her if she want to find out who it was then text that number back. So she text "?" And that someone replied back with "?🖤"
So I was like wth in my head so I thought it was strange someone who text her like that. So I ask her lets play around with this strange number so she agreed to it so I said let me take photo myself see what the person respond so she was Nervous to send it but she send it anyways. After sending it she was so hurried to block the person and she did block the person and turn off the WiFi we were using as guest. Since her Sprint was slow. She told me the photo still sending then then I look again ask her why did u block the person did it even send, of course I want to know this person I'm with is not just trying hid this number. She said she block it and so I grab her phone I said why would u block the number didn't u want to see there responded. She got quit and so I unblock it. I ask why did u turn off you're WiFi she replied that her phone was dying when it 50% percent. She said WiFi kill her battery. Also her phone "iPhone 7". We both got quiet and told her I just want to joke around with the unknown number and I didn't want take it serious. She respond that I was being weird. So after while that person replied she "?" After that person receive my pic.

We both didn't argue about it during that morning. We both just spend our time together and I wasn't even concern about that unknown number. We had great time after she was leaving home she mention that she knows that unknown number been bothering me. I told her her no that's never been in my mind to start with. Then I said but it was weird how she was doing. Then that when we start arguing about it.

I want serious answer. I want female option too


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