Is my height intimidating to guys?

I feel like boys get intimidated by my height because they won't approach me. They will stare and stare. The boys at my school aren't very tall, like what I'm used at my old school. There's only one tall guy in my school and he's maybe 6'2 or 3 (not very tall as the boys at my old school). Okay, I'm 16 and I'm 5'9. I'm nice and reeeaallyyy easy going and I'm very pretty. I have a beautiful personality too. I also play basketball and volleyball. My friend told me they probably think I'm mean (I have a real serious, boujee and superior facial expressions at times. When I'm not smiling). Maybe that can be the solution... But, I'm always smiling and always laughing... Help
Is my height intimidating to guys?
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