How should I approach finding a relationship? Also, opinion on my looks?

I'm a 20 year old male.
I've little dating experience due to never really being interested in pursuing relationships but since my 19th I've really started to want to be in one.

Now I have always been quite shy and I've tried "dating" two girls in the last year. Sadly both suddenly "lost attraction".

I've really started to blame myself for that and it made me feel I am unworthy. Or not "manly enough".

Now I am not sure how to go about dating. (and getting dates?). Apps like Tinder are not working for me. Barely getting any matches and when I do they rarely reply.
This also made me insecure about my looks...

I really feel like a "girl" for being so emotional too and it feels like that is another reason for my failure..

This turned out to be kind of a rant but I hope you guys and girls can give me some advice.

Also, could you honestly rate me?

How should I approach finding a relationship? Also, opinion on my looks?


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  • Confidence is important, almost certain you've at least heard that or read it somewhere.

    Being manly enough or not really depends on the person you try to date. Some women like that touchy feely, emotional side, some women don't. You'll always have that.

    Don't try it rush all the dating, take your time and figure out what kind of girl you need to compliments your lifestyle and you as a person.

    I rate 6.5/10, a decent looking guy. Nohomo

    Also, try Tinder on a Sunday.


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