Lie about relationship status?

Why do women say they aren’t looking for anything at the moment, fully indicating that they are single, But the moment you show any interest they turn around and say they are seeing someone? When in fact they are not. And to go along with that, if I guy asks you to get coffee or something and asked for your number, wouldn’t it be beneficial to clearly state you are seeing someone?


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  • One reason if they say they are "in a relationship" when you are flirting/talking with them, then they aren't interested in you. But there is many other reasons depending on the lady.

    • Nothing was said right then and there. If she really was seeing someone she would have said I would’ve said no to a date because I am seeing someone. Plus the week before that I asked if she would like to go out for coffee or drinks and asked for her number. If she was with somebody she would’ve said so then as well. I just think it is petty that some women will lie instead of telling us flat out they aren’t interested. Don’t be afraid to tell the truth.

    • I do agree with you that a lot of women should be better at saying from the start that they aren't interested but sometimes women expect us to catch the first sign that they aren't interested. And when we don't the "I have a boyfriend" resort is a better way of pushing a guy away because we now "know" that another man is in the equation.

    • It just makes me laugh when I know there is no other guy.

  • Ikr happened to me a lot b4

    • It just happened to me. Literally a week ago, I said to a girl hypothetically if I asked you out would you have said no? Her response was I am not looking for anything right now I am focusing my life. A week goes by and after having not said a single word to her, she leaves me a note saying that she is seeing someone.

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    • Ikr? But yeah seems like more and more people play that stupid game... and i just feel sorry that you're going through something similar!

    • Thanks. I’m not even really interested, I simply asked. I wanted to be a friend. Anyhoo, now she’s giving me the cold shoulder and wrote me a bitchy letter. Her loss.

  • Women are solpsists


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